[2011.12.11] OORUTAICHI in Lowrise with Trampauline & 404

Lowrise & Baram presents

Oorutaichi in Lowrise

* * * * *
디어후프 내한 공연 오프닝을 위해 한국을 방문하는 오오루타이치가
로라이즈에서 트램폴린과 404와 함께 공연을 갖습니다.

Oorutaichi who is going to do an opening act for Deerhoof is having another show in Lowrise with Trampauline & 404

* * * * *

라인업 lineup

트램폴린 Trampauline

* * * * *
Dec 11th (Sun) 7PM

15,000KRW / Special Discount 10,000KRW for Deerhoof show ticket buyers (NO ADV)
현매 15,000원 / 할인가 10,000원 (디어후프 티켓을 가지고 오시면 할인된 가격이 적용됩니다)

* * * * *


1999년, 도어즈 (Doors), 레지던츠 (Residents), 티렉스 (T. Rex), 에이펙스 트윈 (Aphex Twin) 등에게 영향을 받아, 즉흥적인 요소를 담은 스타일로 활동을 개시. 무의식 하에 끊임없이 단련해 온 파상적인 멜로디 센스와 비언어적인 보컬 스타일이 댄스홀 레게와의 만남과 더불어 전자음악 트랙 위에 ‘노래’ 를 얹는 스타일로 변화했다. 2003년에 1집 <Yori Yoyo>, 2007년에는 2집 <Drifting my Folklore>、2011년1월에는 3집 <Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi> 를 릴리즈. 토쿠마루 슈고나 I am robot and proud 등 타 뮤지션에게 리믹스 제공 및 무대(연극)에 악곡 제공. 무용가 야스모토 마사코와의 콜라보레이션까지, 그의 활동 영역은 실로 다양한 영역에 걸처있다. 또한 30회 이상 공연 스케쥴의 아메리카/유럽 투어나 시드니 비엔날레 출연 등, 해외에서의 활동도 정력적으로 행하고 있다.


* * * * *

OORUTAICHI (O all Tai Chi)
Born in Nara, Japan, Oorutaichi began recording and performing in 1999, inspired by The Residents, The Doors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Aphex Twin and dancehall reggae. Initial recordings were multi-tracked improvisations using “real” instruments, toys and voice, evolving to composed songs using midi triggered instrumentation.

His first album, “Yori Yoyo”, was released in 2003 to acclaim by Yamatsuka EYE (BOREDOMS), FREEFORM, Juana Morina, Daniel Wang and others, and received airplay on BBC Radio. He has been profiled in a number of Japanese magazines, and is active in the Japanese underground music scene.

In 2005 the U.K. label “Bearfunk” released his EP “Misen Gymnastics”, featuring an Idjut Boys remix, which was given to Shugo Tokumaru to use on his EP “Rum Hee” featuring Deerhoof in 2009. In 2007 he released his second album “Drifting my folklore”, a compilation of songs from his first album and other unreleased songs. August 2010 saw the release of his first single in three years, “Futurelina / Moeru Himitsu featuring Kicell.” Both tracks received international airplay including BBC Radio. Third album “Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi” is scheduled for release in January 2011.

In 2007 he toured the U.K. and in 2009 completed a tour of the U.S. and Europe, which included the U.K, France and Switzerland. Some of his personal accomplishments during the 2009 U.S tour were performing the first set for Juana Molina as well as performing at the SXSW in Texas. In May 2010 he appeared on stage at the Biennale of Sydney.

Recently he has been venturing outside the conventional music scene as well, taking part in a theatre production as actor and songwriter as well as collaborating with Masako Yasumoto, a leading young contemporary dancer in Japan.

* * * * *

문래동 로라이즈로 오시는 길

지하철 2호선 문래역 7번 출구로 나와서 직진, 4거리에서 좌회전해서 조금 걷어 세정금속 상회가 있는 건물 2층입니다. 길 건너에는 문래동 우체국이 있습니다.

약도: https://lowriseseoul.wordpress.com/about/

how to get to lowrise

exit 7 of Mullae(문래) st.(line 2). keep walking untill you reach the first big intersection (also you’ll see the corner of a park across) and turn left. keep walking a little then you’ll find 세정금속 store. it’s the 2nd floor of the old building. there’s a mulae post office across the road.

map: https://lowriseseoul.wordpress.com/about/

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